Jen Peeples

Rotating co-host

I'm an aerospace engineer, former military test pilot, and foxhole atheist. I'm fascinated by social phenomena like conspiracy theories, moral panics, and group behaviors, so you'll often see me bring these subjects to the show. In my spare time, I like to play around with biological models, especially predator-prey and infectious disease models. I'm also a huge science fiction fan.

My journey to atheism began when I was 15 and a newly "saved" family friend pointed out some Bible passages that conflicted with my then-limited understanding of Christianity. His attempt to get me to accept his version of Christianity backfired. After reading the Bible in detail for the first time, I realized that the claims of Christianity are absurd and, in many respects, morally bankrupt. This inspired years of study in which I examined the claims of many religions and, one by one, rejected them all.

At this point in my life I no longer defend atheism; I actively promote it. My life has the value, meaning, and purpose that I give it, and I'm very pleased to be affiliated with a group like the ACA that shares that philosophy. Dispelling common misconceptions of atheists and promoting positive atheism as a co-host of The Atheist Experience is the icing on the cake.