Chat room rules

This area is intended to be a safe place to discuss the current show topic, and as such there are rules that allow for civil discourse.

  1. No proselytizing or preaching. Pretending to preach is also against the rules.
  2. No disparaging comments against groups of people, i.e. no discrimination against genders, races, sexual/gender orientations, etc.
  3. No lewd content or suggestions, especially in reference to the hosts or crew.
  4. No spamming: posting unrelated links, posting one link repeatedly or posting a line of text repeatedly. Keep in mind that the chat client automatically kicks people who make several quick posts in a row.
  5. No obnoxious writing: all-caps, bold colors, odd fonts, ascii art, etc.
  6. No calling for the hosts to hang up, to move on, or take any specific action. The hosts do not have access to the chat during the show, but you are welcome to email in with suggestions.
  7. No complaining about moderation kicks in group chat. Disagreements, suggestions or suspected mistakes may be communicated via a private IRC, or via the show email.
  8. No impersonating other people: Atheist Experience crew, moderators, famous atheists / theists or anyone else they actually aren't.
  9. No direct, specific threats of violence against others nor endorsements of violence.

Transgressions MAY, at the moderator's discretion, receive a verbal warning before being kicked once. Serious and/or repeat offenses will receive a kick and a ban. Attempts to dance up to the edge of the rules or provoke the moderators will be considered identical to a regular transgression.